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Dream Concert 2008

So this morning, I was mad that i would not be able to watch it. But I got home around 10 and tried to work it for 30 freaking minutes. It pissed me off, but I finally got it to work! I started watching around A'ST1 and watched from there. SHINee was awesome and so was Super Junior H. I watched from Pandora, so it was bad quality. SS501 was prettty good!! :)

WONDER GIRLS WAS AWESOME :) they have such nice outfits and i love their dance <333. AND EPIK HIGH WAS GREAT. I LOVED EPIK HIGH. guy with glasses is so hot. Sorry, I'm not a huge fan of theirs, so i don't know their names.. yet. SNSD did well, but according to soompi, they were booed and people started turning off their glowsticks and did not cheer. I heard some of them yelled out Wondergirls or something. I feel sorry for them, I hope they didn't take it harshly. And i don't care about MC Mong or Jewelry, but then SUPER JUNIOR CAME :) they were awesome. They sang A Man in Love and Don't Don. In Don't don, they cut out henry's part :[[ THEN IT WAS DBSK. hehe so freaking hot. They basically sang the same songs from the Hollywood Bowl.... they sang Purple Line, then Tonight, then Rising Sun. Too bad they didn't sing Balloons. They were awesome, and from looking at the HQ pics... they look so damn glorious. I wish i was at the concert.

배치기 [LIVE]
Buga Kingz [LIVE]
Mighty Mouth [??]
Maya [LIVE]
Typhoon [LIVE]
Super Junior H [LIVE]
Mystery Performance!?!? (EpikHigh, Buga Kingz, Mighty Mouth, A'ST1)[LIVE]
______? [LIVE]**
Wonder Girls [LIVE]
Epik High [LIVE]
SNSD/Girls' Generation [LIVE]
MC Mong [LIVE]

Super Junior

^^ Credit to soompi.

I ALSO HAVE VIDS FROM THE DREAM CONCERT :) but i recorded it from pandora, so its not that much quality. Well if you can't wait for the HQ vids, you can watch mine :) 

Videos from the Concert. Only Super Junior and DBSK..

Dream Concert 2008 Super Junior: A Man in Love

Dream Concert 2008 Super Junior: Don't Don

Dream Concert 2008 DBSK Purple Line

Dream Concert 2008 DBSK Tonight Part 1

Dream Concert 2008 DBSK Part 2

Dream Concert 2008 DBSK Rising Sun Part 1

Dream Concert 2008 DBSK Rising Sun Part 2

Enjoy♥! And i'm bored. lets talk about the concert if you watched it. what did you think of it?
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