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 NOTE: If you're looking for pictures, scroll down some more and you'll see them <3

hb13.png picture by she_leanss

So like 12 hours ago, I arrived at the Hollywood Bowl. They gave out all these freebies. I got a DBSK red glowstick from the Red Sea Project booth table. And other freebiess. Then around 3, I went to get in line to go into the place, and I stood there for AN HOUR! or more.... I met up with some awesome friends :) But while we were standing and baking and sweating in the hot hot sun, this one person fainted!!! And even though that person did, the security people wouldn't let us in >< But finally they did, and I went to my seat, which is not that bad. Although I wish i was closer, so i could get better pictures and see their faces better! 

First off, Suju T performed first. And YESUNG was there :D So awesome, although i didn't really see sungmin or kangin that well. People screamed a lot when Heechul sang. To be honest, I wasn't that excited when they came on.. and plus, the people around me were boring. They wouldn't scream or cheer, so I didn't feel like screaming, or wanting to be the only one that would be, so i didn't really scream. After them, it was this girl that sang good. I liked her. Than this rock guy.... I could go loook at the guide right now and put his name down.. but i'm too lazy. Then SNSD/GIRLS GENERATION sang. They were really good! Although I can't sing along with the. Then some other people until break.

The 2ND HALF WAS FREAKING AWESOMEE! It started with MINWOO! he's pretty goood. the first time i heard him! Anddd you know whatt was hot? He had this jacket, and took it off, so all he had was a tank, and then at the end, he took it off and was SHIRTLESS! so hot. And then it was Fly to the Sky, AND BRIAN IS SO AWESOME. haha. BEST MC EVER <3. He's sorta cute. and then SG Wannabe which were okay... and LAST, BUT THE BEST WAS TVXQQQQ~~ HOLY FUCK MAN, they were awewsome. They sang RISING SUN First, and Jaejoong with his sexy dark brown hair wore the outfit they wore in the music video. OMG. THEY DANCE SO WELL AND HOT. Then it was purple lineee! And then it was TONIGHTT! Which i have a video of:


Hope you like it <3 AND AND they sang balloons with suju T and then everybody came out and fireworks, and they sang one song from SM Town.. Leave for summer, or Lets go on a vacation or something like that. Since it was my first time, I ENJOYEDD IT! And that is basically it. I actually wish i was at the Sheraton right now where DBSK AND SUPER JUNIOR ARE. I wonder when they're leaving Los Angeles.

 hb16.png picture by she_leanss 

 hb7.png picture by she_leanss
^ Super Junior introducing themselves right after singing Rukkugoh! 

hb17.png picture by she_leanss 
^still introducing themselves :)

 hb1.png picture by she_leanss 
dancing :) 

hb15.png picture by she_leanss 
^GIRLS GENERATION/SNSD when singing "Kissing You"

 hb6.png picture by she_leanss 

Another picture :D 

hb14.png picture by she_leanss 

^ TVXQQ!!! a bad quality pic though :[

 hp17.png picture by she_leanss 
^ Let me introduce myself :P 

hb9.png picture by she_leanss 

hb8.png picture by she_leanss 

hb5.png picture by she_leanss 

hb4.png picture by she_leanss 

hb3.png picture by she_leanss 

hb2.png picture by she_leanss 


 hb10.png picture by she_leanss 

^ YESUNG <333

 hb11.png picture by she_leanss 

 hb12.png picture by she_leanss 

^ Everyone once more :) 

And that is all. The lady sitting next to us was really nice :) She told me about some old artists there that I did not know about. And explained to me what they were saying. I was clueless the whole time, b/c I do not understand Korean, sadly. The only thing i understood was Haengbok :P & when they said Hi! ahahaha. I suck. Oh well. Hope you like the pictures :)

&hearts; and thanks for readingg if you read it all! comments? please :)
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